The Circuit - Francisco Jiménez

When I read this book I realized that Francisco wanted me to know that families all over the world work very hard for a small amount of money for their families. I also think the author wanted me to know that if you are born broke you can still make something of yourself. When I started reading the book I realized that many immigrant families need to work for a little amount of money.


The character Francisco reminds me of me when he fights with his many siblings, like Francisco I also have many siblings. Rorra also reminds me of me because she did something to her sibling that made himher that she most likely regrets doing. Francisco’s father reminds me of my father, especially when he hurt his back and couldn’t work anymore. My father hurt his back also but he did work when he felt better.


I realized that I liked the book “The Circuit” when we finished reading the first chapter. I decided that I really liked this book when I started to make a connection with some of the characters, I also decided that I liked the book when he started describing how him and his family picked in the fields when they weren't in school and even on days when Francisco did go to school, after he went to scool he went to help his family in the fields.